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PERFORMANCES TrashLib-2" TrashLib-3" TrashLib-4"L
Max capacity (1) 51 m³/h 100 m³/h 144 m³/h
Max suction lift (2) 9 m 9 m 9 m
Self priming time (3) 16 sec 25 sec 40 sec
Max solid handling 28 mm 38 mm 40 mm
Max total discharge head 30 m 28 m 32 m

(1) at 3600 RPM with 1m suction lift
(2) with electric motors (2800 RPM) suction lift 6m
(3) with 2m suction lift

Main applications

The pompe TrashLib, thanks to their easy maintenance and related ease of cleaning - front cover and impeller are freely detachable without the aid of tools - are used with excellent results for transferring heavily loaded water containing sludge, sand and solids.

The fast self priming time, even without valve in the pump case, the high prevalence of aspiration, the big solid handling, and the high capacity are the main features which characterize the TrashLib series pumps.

Here are the main fields of application:

Building: draining of excavations, pouring of bentonite slurry and cleaning of wells. Maintenance of underground conduits such as waterworks and sewers.

Emergency: intervention for emergency draining when there are natural calamities or broken water pipes. Emptying of sludgy water with debris from basements, garages, etc.